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In my last post I discussed the importance of researching quality family law information when deciding what you want in a prenuptial agreement. I reviewed what the best family law blogs out there are.

As most people know, Google is probably the best search engine that exists today. This reputation is well deserved.

However, I have found that despite Google’s great search algorithm, there are a number of problems with using it to research about family law:

1. There is a lot of spam in their results. Researching a topic as specialized as family law is difficult and time consuming, as a large number of the results are spammy. You can end up wasting a lot of time before you find the information that you are looking for.

2. Google results include sponsored results. Anybody with a credit card can simply purchase a listing for their website and appear at or near the top search results.

3. If you are reading about family law, you want to make sure that the source is credible and authoritative, and preferably written by an attorney. As Google is simply a computer program, there is no way that they can figure this sort of thing out.

One way of getting around these problems with Google is to use a web directory, but even these can be quite limited. So, I have taken this opportunity to create a custom family law search engine that is powered by Google. It uses Google to create the search results, but only searches quality websites, namely, the top family law blogs I recently reviewed. As well, there are no ads on this search engine. All of this ensures that you get the benefits of searching with Google, but none of the drawbacks I just discussed: there is no spam in this search engine, there are no ads, and all of the sites included are authoritative.

Feel free to give it a try here.

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