Name Change After Marriage

Implementing a name change after marriage involves quite a few aspects ranging from whether or not you should do so to exactly what is involved in the process. Due to the tedious nature of this task, it is important to consider each of the following facets first.

Options for a Name Change After Marriage

The most common options involving a name change after marriage are:
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Name Change after Marriage for Men

Men wishing to change their names after marriage need to do so legally. Unfortunately, most states present unequal laws regarding name changes, requiring men to spend quite a bit more than women to do so.

Attitudes to Men Changing Name after Marriage

The attitudes displayed toward nontraditional men who choose to take the last name of their wives after marriage range from negative to positive ones. Men who choose to change their names to that of their spouses are viewed as nurturing and committed (positive) or weak and dependent (negative). Men who choose not to change their last names are seen as being traditional and independent (positive) or possessive and controlling (negative).
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Name Change after Same-Sex Marriage or Civil Union

Changing a name after a same-sex marriage typically involves going through a court process that legalizes the choice of a new last name. Filing a petition in court can cost several hundred dollars. In addition to filing the petition, the individual must publish a notice in a local newspaper for several weeks. In states that recognize this type of marital union, the process is typically easier and may be accomplished directly on the marriage license.

To Change Your Name after Same-Sex Marriage or Not to

Proponents exist on both sides of the name-change issue, especially within the gay and lesbian community. While changing your last name to that of your spouse in a same-sex marriage may be viewed as making a political statement, one that clearly indicates your sexual orientation, it may not get the attention that is desired. Traditionally, individuals with the same last name and gender are portrayed by society as being related by blood, as siblings or cousins. However, this can provide proof of family status, a necessary aspect for emergency room visits or hospital stays.
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