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30 Must Read Articles About Prenuptial Agreements

This is a collection of what I think are some of the best articles on the internet about prenuptial agreements. It’s well worth pouring yourself a large cup of coffee and working your way through this list of resources.

Legal Aspects

1. What To Cover In Your Prenup by Jeffrey Lalloway of the Orange County Divorce Blog. This is perhaps the most comprehensive list of considerations I’ve seen for what should go into a prenuptial agreement. It’s a three-part articles; be sure to check out part 2 and part 3.

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Family Law Search Engine

In my last post I discussed the importance of researching quality family law information when deciding what you want in a prenuptial agreement. I reviewed what the best family law blogs out there are.

As most people know, Google is probably the best search engine that exists today. This reputation is well deserved.

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The Top Family Law Blogs

To understand what needs to be put in a prenuptial agreement, you need to understand the basics of family law.
Family law is quite a complicated matter, and a legal consultation lasting several hours just to understand the basics is fairly expensive. Fortunately, there are a number of attorneys who graciously share their expertise and knowledge of divorce and family law for free in their blogs.

There are a number of family law bloggers out there, each with their own style and slant on things. A number of them stand out, and the following is a ranking of the Top 30 Family Law Blogs:

1. Cavers Divorce

  Cavers Law by J. Shannon Cavers

This is my choice of the top family law blog. There is a post almost every day on this blog, including many that examine the lighter side of the law. It’s the kind of blog that’s so interesting that you lose track of time as you read through it. Recent posts include discussions about voiding marriages after death, losses suffered by children after divorce, and children and relocation.

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